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HOW TO FILL EDCO waste manifest?

This is most frequently asked query about shipping waste to EDCO. There are 3 parts in manifest and filling method is explained below.GENERATOR PART: Generator ID number- This is the serial code for each waste generator provided by disposal facility, in order to find company location and identification of company.

  • Generator details- Generator name, Contact number, Address etc.
  • Generator contact person details with phone number.
  • Transporter contact details- Name, Address, Telephone and Contact person details.
  • Disposal facility details- Name, Address, Telephone and Contact person details.
  • Details of the waste sent from generator- a) The waste name and details. b), c) and d) are to be used if several types of waste are to be sent.
  • Container details if the waste is send in containers/drums-number and type of containers (metallic/plastic etc.). Quantity of waste received.
  • Unit of measuring the quantity which mentioned in the previous line (No. 10) WPS code- unique code assigned to each kind of waste from each company by disposal facility or by global contracts.
  • Handling information in case of hazardous waste transportation and disposal,
  • Certification from generator about the shipment of waste as described in the manifest paper, followed with generator officer’s name and signature.
  • TRANSPORTER PART: Transporter should acknowledge receiving the waste from generator, and must place his name and signature upon receiving the waste.
  • DISPOSAL FACILITY PART: This part is filled by EDCO Operation
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